Anapanasati Course

The Anapanasati course is conducted by assisting teachers. Master Acharavadee Wongsakon does not teach this course, but the Dhamma discourse of Master’s voice is recorded and will be played for each particular course.

In the application form, please indicate “You wish to reserve the seat for Techo Vipassana course between … to …” so that our staff will make necessary reservation in case you plan to take Techo Vipassana course subsequently.

*The course is provided free of charge, except for a nominal fee for transportation if you cannot make it yourself. The van transport can be arranged upon request.


  1. New students age only between 17 – 70 years old may apply. Students with tattoo on the face or head are not permitted to apply as it distracts others. However, tattoo on other parts of body such as arms or legs must be kept under the clothes and must be invisible.

  2. Applicants must carefully read, understand, accept, and follow timetables, rules and conditions.

  3. Observe noble silence. Do not use any communicating devices during the course.

  4. Deposit your personal belongings such as bulky bags, and particularly communicating devices with our staff.

  5. Wearing only white clothes for practicing Dhamma is mandatory. Wearing T-shirts are not allowed. The fabric is not too thin. The pant-length must be below the knees.

  6. For ladies with long hair, please bind your hair neatly. Don’t let hair down.

  7. Do not wear flip-flops and shorts. This also applies to accompanying persons.

** Students are required to bring personal water containers to store drinking water during the course. Water in a plastic bottle is no longer distributed.

Techo Vipassana

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