30,000 Hours of Meditation to BREAK THROUGH Become a WAKE-UP CALL to Humanity

By Master Acharavadee Wongsakon Vipassana Meditation Master

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Book Endorsements

“This book provides a comprehensive insight into the world of advanced meditation called Techo Vipassana meditation, offering a deep dive into techniques, practices, and the profound experiences that can result from this practice, ultimately guiding you on a transformative journey that has the potential to reshape and enhance every facet of your life.”

Artirat Charukitpipat Chief Executive Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital – Bangkok Post Woman of the Year


“Master Acharavadee Wongsakon’s ‘Awaken from the Madness’ is a profound Masterpiece that transcends traditional wisdom. The core teaching of eliminating karma and impurity forces, combined with the insights about energy, meditation, and lost knowledge, is a transformative journey that can reshape your understanding of life and spirituality.”

Dr James Stoxen DC., FSSEMM (hon) FWSSEM is the president of Team Doctors®, Treatment and Training Center, Chicago. Doctor for over 150 tours of elite entertainers, caring for over 1000 top celebrity entertainers.

Editor-in-Chief-Journal of Orthopedic Science & Research


“A Masterpiece!” – A revered Buddhist Spiritual figure and Thai author makes her Western debut in an incredible revelation of wisdom and knowledge.”

Dr Ronald Klatz MD, DO

President & Co-Founder A4M

(American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine)

leading authority on maximum human performance, advanced biotechnologies, anti-aging medicine, and aging-related diseases.


“A Wonderful book composed of never before heard lost knowledge and wisdom – woven together through simple stories and modern references. Amazing.”

Grand Master Cynthia Rockrock

4- Time World Martial Arts Champion Staring n over 70 Action movies. Black belt in 7-styles of martial arts. International Sports Hall of Fame Inductee.


“Universal Truths Unveiled” – The wisdom shared in this book feels like universal truths unveiled for the first time. It’s a revelation that has the power to shift perspectives and change lives.”
James Jefferson
Creator/Producer-‘Warrior Island’ -Movie & Television Series



“I’m writing this as a physician and martial artist with 15,000 hours of mindfulness meditation over 50 years. I have had the honor of studying with Master Wongsakon in Thailand. ‘Awaken From Madness’ is a reflection of her wisdom and understanding of ancient knowledge, woven together with simple stories and modern references. It’s a wonderful journey of self-discovery. A must-read.”

Neil Farber, MD, PhD, PhD, PhD. 

Adj. Prof. Psychology, ASU, Assoc. Prof. Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology & Toxicology (Retired), Medical College Wisconsin.  Grandmaster Martial Artist,

Doctorates in Metaphysics and Religious Studies.


Tan Ajahn Acharavadee Wongsakon’s Awaken from Madness makes clear about Energy and Karma. Sadhu

Simon Kook – Thai Buddhist Martial actor, Hollywood action star IP Man 3


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