Top Ideas in Buddhism and Famous Stories in Buddha's Time

By Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

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The concepts and ideas in Buddhism are well explained in simple language that is easy to understand. Exactly the way Dhamma is. Simple and natural. The book will help you find true inner peace which is missing in human's life.

For the past few decades, the interest in Buddhism among Westerners has grown steadily from “the religion and philosophy of the East” to “the religion of truth and wisdom”. However, although there are numerous books and elaborate explanations on its principles, readers still find Buddhism study to be confusing and complicated.

'Top Ideas in Buddhism and Famous Stories in Buddha's Time' written to explain different terms that learners and practitioners often find too elusive to grasp the idea, some of them having similar meanings to the other.

They range from commonly known words such as Dhamma, karma, nirvana, meditation, and enlightenment to those with profound, specific meaning such as detachment, compassion, impermanence, and mindfulness. You will also learn the meaning of those words and their significance in your spiritual growth through ancient stories which happened in the Buddha’s time.

Those stories greatly illustrate the importance of some frequently discussed virtues in Buddhism and shed light on why they are imperative to be a complete and happy human being. While the key to spiritual freedom is in regular Vipassana meditation practice, not memorizing the Buddhist scriptures, and that a person can only gain genuine spiritual insight into the Buddha's teachings or "see" Dhamma through direct meditation experiences, understanding the basics is still essential as it helps establish the right view about Buddhism and its essence. This book does just that.

As you go through each chapter in this book, you will realize there's nothing mysterious about this Eastern religion.

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