Don't Lose Your Way

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


What we have to destroy is ignorance and ego in ourselves.

What we must not destroy is the courage of others.

If one loses his courage, how can he go on with his life?

Everyone has the weak point in themselves. The outside appearance is just the cover, but the driving power inside is each one’s mind. Everyone is all trapped in sadness. Even though they smile or look cheerful, deep inside, nobody knows how sad their minds are.

Most people never value their minds even though the mind is the most powerful thing. The mouth that can move, the legs that can walk, the brain that can work, all expressions both rough, fine, good, or bad are driven by the mind. However, we do not really understand our minds. We just learn the things outside ourselves. What do we know then?

We know how to read. But too much reading makes us more confused and not crystal clear in anything.

We know how to make a living. But the more we work, we become greedy. It’s all about craving and anxiety. Then finally, we are not able to take anything with us.

We know various kinds of technology. We surf the net, looking for things outside but never know ourselves at all. There are gurus all over the place. Most of them know the things that make them trapped in sufferings because they never have enough. Their minds are addicted to delusions, bringing them “emotional addiction”. Chatting is an addiction. Overuse of social media is also an addiction. Indulging in music is an addiction as well. Is there anytime that we are not addicted to anything? How can we come to this point?

Don’t fall into the trap of this world and don’t lose your way.

The world is not progressing, rather, we are regressing from the freedom of mind.

Source: An excerpt from Techo Vipassana Blog “Poison of Apple” 14 October 2015

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