Most people live their lives basically on this word "Standard".

This word has a meaning that includes the quality of everything in the world both living and non-living things according to the general principle.

For living things in terms of ethics, the standard is the Five Precepts. For non-living things, the standard means the basic quality that causes no harm such as water, medicine and food for living. Moreover, doing any business also has its standard which is being faithful, diligent and responsible to one's own duty.

The word "Standard" has a meaning in a way that if it has the quality lower than this, it will give negative results. But it does not mean to adhere to this "Standard" and then stop improving oneself. Humans are deceived by the word "Standard." Those who stop themselves at this word will not prosper and make any change to themselves and to the world because they only think that "Well, it's the standard, so we don’t have to do anything more."

The word "Standard," thus becomes a restriction of an ability to act and think.

In Dhamma, if adhering to the standard of being humans, people will stop themselves only at preserving the Precepts but will not proceed to the practice of vipassana meditation to liberate their mind. They will feel satisfied with the cycle of Samsara, accept birth and death, work to get money and get married. When the right time comes, they will go for a weekly or yearly vacation with their family to relax for sometimes, then come back to find wealth and success for themselves and their family. It will go on like this over again and again. When they see what others say is good, they will do and follow the trend. It’s like they can’t resist the current, can’t carefully consider about subsequent negative results and can’t break themselves from the rule of standard.

On the level of relationship, people are trapped together with the word "My," my children, my wife, my husband and have to live within this frame with no condition. It then becomes oppression and the loss of freedom when people are controlled with the word “My” as it is the standard.

Living upon respect is different than expressing opinion righteously and legitimately.

Do your duty to take care of each other. Have respect, gratitude and compassion as the tools to lead the mind.

Don't live your life below the standard.

Don't be deceived by the word "Standard".

Source: Master's Teaching Techoblog, December 23, 2015

Translation: Napassakorn Oveerawong