What is an addiction to goodness?

"Addiction to goodness is doing good deeds and expecting people to see the value and can't accept criticism or comment like being a person who falls and then breaks."

Those who are too sensitive cannot be the leader of most people since being a leader regardless of groups means being involved with many people. Many people come with various thoughts. Large work would have more holes for mistakes, and conflict usually occurs. People who get sensitive easily are those whose mind cannot maintain equanimity or not being resolute, easily be anxious and unable to speak directly to the problems but only speak behind the backs which would only cause chaos to the group.

The one being a leader needs to be steady, firm and equanimous. Whether there is a problem or not, they will not be anxious. If things come out good, they will be happy. If not, they will just fix it to the end. There would be some discouragement, but they will not give up midway and will strive to solve the problems until they succeed. They will not turn away whenever problems occur by making an excuse that "This work doesn't fit me.”

Skill and Chanda (Passion) actually relate to each other. Some types of work require skill or expertise. For example, we can’t let those who have no expertise in operation or surgery to do it; otherwise, professional certificates won’t be issued. Meanwhile, some types of work don’t need expertise but just devotion from the heart. If you face small hindrance, you choose to retreat. Then, your willingness is being tested.

Whether it is the worldly matters or Dhamma ones, those who are determined must seriously and successfully lift up the level of firmness.
Those who don’t surrender are those who can destroy obstacles. Those who have well cultivated Dhamma perfection often lack such the attribute; they lack resolute and firm mind.

Don’t be just meritorious ones in the bright path who humbly and beautifully bow to others but disappear easily or be easily broken when falling down.

Boost your morale! No matter whether you are being in conflict, squeezed, cut to the heart, as long as your face is still above the ground and the water, and you can breathe, you must keep fighting to the end.

Those who will succeed are those whose minds don’t surrender.

From parts of an article “The One who doesn’t surrender” on February 28, 2023

Translated by Napssakorn Oveerawong, Porawan Sathawarawong and Pimchanok Thanitsond

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