Direct Invitation for Merit-Making

Today, I would like to invite you to donate for the installation of air conditioners in Techo Vipassana Meditation Hall in order to relieve the extreme heat inside. The A/C will be on only during very hot weather. Some donation will also be spent for the solar panels to reduce electricity cost.

I’ve asked for students’ opinions about the air conditioning installation because at this time, the global heat is unbearable. After thorough consideration, I decided that it must be done. For the past 14 years, it’s getting close to the heat in Saudi Arabia. In the recent senior students’ course, the fans had to be turned on even at 6 a.m. to keep the air circulating.

The air conditioners are needed to sustain the physical body of practitioners so they will be able to practice through the course. It's not because they can't tolerate; many can bear the heat. But it’s too harsh and will become an obstacle in our practice. This is because Techo Vipassana Meditation Retreat is located in the rocky areas, not forest areas.

After several discussions, we concluded that the air conditioners required is 220,000 BTU. We will let the cool air from the air conditioners flow down, no need to cool all the way up to the ceiling. Doors, windows and the ventilation holes will be adjusted. Solar panels system will also be set up. The estimated budget is around 2 million baht and it will take 2 months to complete.

As for Techo Vipassana Meditation Center in Phuket, we plan to open in October 2024. While we are rushing to complete it, the fund is not enough for trees and grass, including the well because the original one is not sufficient. When we try to move forward with donation received each time, it’s not enough. Therefore, it’s really necessary to ask you to donate in this time.

The moment you transfer the donation, do check the account name carefully. Then set your intention with the index finger. As the mind is the master, you will receive the merit directly and powerfully with your intention.

Please transfer your donation to:

Siam Commercial Bank

Account Name: School of Life Foundation

Account number: 428-179580-4


Giving donation in this necessary time is the merit that is done with pure intention through the great field of merit. This merit is for sustaining Buddhism so that it will be the light in the darkness, leading people to the end of suffering. It’s therefore the great giving.

I would like to thank you all and anumodana in your good hearts.

May you prosper in life, with longevity, appearance, happiness and good health. May your wishes come true, giving you the supporting power to reach Nirvana.


March 1st, 2024

Translator: Sirikwan Rakkrai

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