Students become the Teachers

Elite International Students Teach Meditation
January 2024

World elites are back home to help spread Vipassana meditation practice after a rigorous 7-day course. More than 40 global elites including socialites, Hollywood actors, world-renowned martial artists, and celebrities have returned to their home countries following a rigorous seven-day Vipassana retreat in Saraburi province, Thailand, ready to utilize what they have learned for themselves and those around them.

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During the course, Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon taught the Focus Meditation which is the basic meditation technique to the foreign students as many of them are also martial art instructors. When a large number of people practice meditation, the society and the world will benefit from the spread of increased morality, inner peace, and morality felt from meditation practitioners. Meditators themselves also serves as good role models in educating others about the proper way to treat Buddha images and Buddhist symbols. This meditation technique can be easily practiced by everyone and is a great way to introduce Dhamma which most Thais still fail to make it a daily routine.

Cynthia Rothrock and Heather Bird Tchenguiz

Master Acharavadee also reiterated the importance of bringing as many people to practice meditation, and explained that it not only Awakens the World from Madness and delusion (of greed, hatred, anger), but also helps reduce the negative energy and the heat produced by Internet consumption which has contributed to the rising temperatures at the moment.

Anxo Fernández Spanish Miltary

Master Acharavadee‘s efforts have paid off beautifully as her students have put what they had learned into practice as seen in the photos.

It only takes one person to

start the “Ripple Effect” of change and spread Goodness around the World.

“𝐵𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒”

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