RULES – Kindly Review Thoroughly Before Applying

1. Prerequisite to Techo Vipassana Course:
– Students must have completed at least one (1) Anapanasati course at Techo Vipassana retreats.


– Independently practice Anapanasati for a cumulative 30 hours at their homes.

2. Noble Silence:
– Maintaining silence is essential throughout the course. All forms of communication, both among fellow students and with outsiders, are forbidden. However, in emergencies or when deemed necessary, students may converse with instructors or Dhamma servers.
– If attending the course with a friend or family member, anticipate non-communication until the course concludes, and expect separate accommodations. This ensures each participant fully benefits from their individual meditation journey.

3. Dress Code:
– Simple, modest, comfortable white attire appropriate for Dhamma practice is compulsory. Clothing that is tight, transparent, revealing, or distracting is prohibited. T-shirts are not acceptable. Respectful attire sets a conducive mindset for the course, pays homage to the retreat and its mentors, and reinforces the commitment to renunciation. If unprepared, consider delaying course participation.

Techo Vipassana Meditation Retreat is a center of spiritual awakening, not a leisure resort. It aims to enlighten minds, purifying them from life’s impurities and the cycle of rebirth. Participants should be prepared for extensive meditation and must be committed to completing the 7-day course.

4. Prohibited Items:
– Please refrain from bringing books, radios, communication devices (computers, iPads, smartphones), music players, and other valuable items.

5. Mobile Phones:
– Phones must be surrendered to course management for the duration. Use of mobile phones is strictly off-limits. If there are concerns, Dhamma servers can assist with necessary communications.

6. Commitment:
– Students must remain at the retreat for the entire course duration. Departing midway is not permitted, barring exceptional circumstances where urgent medical attention is required, and permission is granted.

7. General Info & Grooming details

Women may wear basic make up and must make hair tidy in a pony tail or a bun.

Bring your own hair dryer if you need it.

Males to shave at least every other day. No mustaches or beards.

Prepare a light sweater or shawl, just in case of cool weather.

It is typically hot and humid and sometimes rainy at the Techo Meditation Camp.  There are  electric fans,  but no Air Conditioning. This is so students can disconnect from the comforts of the modern world and put themselves, closer to nature. Basic common quality bedding for the Techo Meditation camp is supplied, but Dr Goldman suggests purchasing the personal “comfort package”.

There maybe mosquitos, so please pack your favorite mosquito repellent and other basics.

Accommodations – FREE of Charge

Accommodations at the Techo camp during 7 days Training are basic

Food – FREE of Charge

Healthy meals 3 – Vegetarian

The Techo Vipassana Meditation Retreat promises transformative experiences for those earnestly seeking advanced meditation training and practice.

Contact: Tel: 02-117-4063 to 64

Techo Vipassana

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