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Founded in 2009 by Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, The School of Life Foundation has become a beacon of meditation teachings in Thailand. Offering both beginner and advanced meditation courses at no cost, the Foundation has made authentic Buddha teachings accessible to all. These teachings encompass meditation practices, moral ethics, societal virtues, and a deep reverence for the Thai Monarchy, further realized through the array of events and courses they frequently organize.

Adjacent to the meditation center, the Manasikarn Hall stands as a testament to the profound journey of the Buddha, detailing his life events and the culmination of his enlightenment. Recognizing its significance, the Tourism Association of Thailand (TAT) has proudly listed Manasikarn Hall as the New & Premier Unseen Tourist Destination of Thailand.

But the Foundation’s influence isn’t just limited to meditation and enlightenment; it also extends its benevolent arm to support numerous social initiatives across Thailand and global missions.

On-going Missions
KBO Knowing Buddha Organization
“KBO for protecting Buddhism”

Knowing Buddha Organization (KBO) was established in 2012 by Vipassana Master Acharavadee Wongsakon and a new generation of Buddhists who are grateful to the Buddha and are determined to repay his kindness.  The organization aims to stop the misconception, misuse, and disrespecting acts of Buddha’s symbols, by providing the treatment guidelines towards Buddha’s symbols through several campaigns.

“Dhamma Discourses by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon”

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon has been honorably invited to give Dhamma Discourses by leading organizations of the country both public and private sectors, such as Royal Thai Navy, Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Army, and Royal Police Force, Thai Airways PLC, Jotan Co. Ltd., etc.

Manasikan Hall [WEBSITE]
“Making a tourist attraction a temple”

The project “Manasikan Hall” was initiated by Techo Vipssana Master Acharavadee Wongskon, the chairperson of the School of Life foundation.  Its objectives are to honor to Lord Buddha, to be a place for practice basic meditation, and to disperse Buddha’s Dhamma accessible to wider public.  The main building of Manasikan Hall is set to install Phra Borommalokanath – a golden Buddha image with 31 inches width of lap, 32 Buddha’s relics, and the embroidery of Phra Boromalokanath.   The second building is a hall for meditation teaching and practicing.  The third building is a museum in the middle of hills, and café. 

KBO Earth
“A campaign for Global Warming reduction”

KBO Earth, a special unit under KBO for protecting Buddhism, is a non-profit organization consisting of a group of professionals ranging from scientists, physicists, engineers, and energy specialists who get together to study, research, collate scientific data, and encounter surprising facts that the severe climate change accelerator is due to the innovation associating digital data.  The organization has been campaigning in all sectors, covering knowledge sharing both online and offline, giving lectures to school students, campaigning the reduction of plastic usage, organizing seminars, and planting trees.

CSR Unit
“Motivate and boost Buddhists’ morals to have right views”

The duties of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are to provide knowledge and training of fundamental Dhamma essential for supporting life, including to motivate and boost Buddhists’ morals to have correct understanding about the importance of protecting Buddha’s honor and Buddhism.  The targeting group is the young students from secondary school level, including government offices, military, and private sectors to build protecting network and to expand it globally.  In addition, a Dhamma Course for Children at the School of Life foundation, and Dhamma Camp at Techo Vipassana Center are organized for the youths to have life’s guidelines and correct views of the world, to be able to overcome problems and challenges correctly, and to lead their lives to prosper and to be happy going forward. 

5000’s Magazine
“Dhamma and Life-style are the same thing”

The 5000’s Magazine demonstrates that the Dhamma and mundane lives are indeed in harmony.  The more one has Dhamma, the more one has a distinctive life-style.  The magazine originated from the consciousness of gratitude to Lord Buddha who cultivated Dhamma rigorously to discover the path to end the cycle of miseries.  Due to the decline of people’s morals, it is unbelievably that people insult Lord Buddha who is the world supreme prophet.  Master Acharavadee Wongsoken, thus, founded KBO organization for protecting Buddhism to awaken people’s virtue back again so that Buddhists would adhere to precepts and be faithful to liberation.  The magazine is published by KBO organization consisting of different professionals who are determined to practice Vipassana meditation and live their worldly life in balance.

Social & Community Aid

Covid Lock Downs were difficult for many Thai people. The School of Life Foundation sent rescue packages throughout the nation.

Techo Vipassana

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