If we do not make it today, when will we do it?

"It's now or never..." If we do not make it today, when will we do it?

Giving a happy moment to those who are important to our lives is something we are supposed to do.
Do not ignore the birthday anniversary of those we love and care about.
Without their help and support we cannot reach our goals and become successful no matter how competent we are.

We should always remind ourselves of what they have done for us and pay them back whenever it is possible.
Give them something they truly deserve, not what we think they deserve or want them to be.
Do not give attention to others so much that we forget those close to us.
We need to take good care of them with kindness and generosity.
This is one of the important virtues we should have.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Source: Master’s teaching “Pictures and times of happiness”

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