Techo Vipassana Course

  1. For new students, their age is between 21 – 70 years old. Pregnant lady is disallowed in Techno Vipassana course, but is allowed in Anapanasati course. Those with tattoo on the face or head are not permitted in the course as their tattoos distract others.However, those with tattoo on the body, such as arms or legs are allowed in the course and the tattoo must not be visible, and being covered under the clothes.Those with hair dyed and/or nails colored are not allowed to apply.

  2. Both new and old students must fill in the application form with their own hand writing. All fields must be completed.Don’t leave any blank. Please send the photo-ed or scanned copy of completed application form to For subsequent applications, the same application form can be used by changing required course and date, and follow the same process.

  3. Old students must have self-discipline in meditating. Anapanasati students who are about to take Techo Vipassana course must be self-disciplined in meditating at their residences 1 hour per day and 5 days per week.Similarly, Techo Vipassana students (old students) who will take subsequent course require to mediate 1 hour per day and 5 days per week as a minimum.

  4. Students must arrive the Dhamma retreat on the first day not later than 9:30.

The last day of the course will end not later than 8:30.

Techo Vipassana

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